Istanbul; With its historical and cultural beauty, experienced surgeons and geographical location, it is known as a hot spot in health tourism and especially for hair transplantation. In 2017, tens of thousands of patients from several European countries were operated. Istanbul is claimed to have $ 1 billion hair transplantation industry. Istanbul; is considered in the forefront with its well educated and experienced physicians.


Istanbul, as it is in every sense, is the heart of Turkey’s hair transplantation industry. Many surgeons in the city develop themselves by regularly attending workshops. The city also offers excellent facilities for tourist trips, making it even more attractive for both operations and holidays.


Compared to Europe and the United States, successful and high-quality operations are conducted for much more reasonable rates, which is one of the biggest factors in attracting foreign patients to Turkey. Considering the fact that the cost of hair transplantation in the US and the UK is up to what equals 16,000 Euros, Istanbul has become a very attractive option.


Patients from many countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Brazil, the Netherlands, Russia and the Middle East, are on the top of the list of patients preferring the city.


Anatomica Clinic


The clinic has been open for 15 years, with more than 50,000 international patients. Our clinic, located in one of the popular and central districts of Istanbul, was designed in accordance with international standards and suitable for all types of operations and treatments, provides services in a closed area of 1500 square meters. 

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