Hair Transplantation with Mesotherapy

Today, many treatment methods have been developed to improve hair health. Mesotherapy is among the most preferred methods, as they nourish the scalp, accelerate hair growth, and improve quality. These methods are also used in hair transplantation, making the process even more effective.

Hair Transplantation with Mesotherapy

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a method used to reduce hair loss and provide new hair follicle formation. Hair mesotherapy can be applied in case of hair loss or after hair transplantation. The treatment is based on the fact that most hair loss problems are caused by proper nutrient deficiency, weak blood circulation in the scalp and hormone imbalances around the hair follicle.

In our center, we use hair mesotherapy to decrease hair loss, even if to a small extent and stimulate the thinning or inactive roots. According to the condition and type of hair loss, we apply mesotherapy in 10–15-day interval sessions. We apply 10 sessions in total, and we inject the vitamin combination necessary for the hair directly into the scalp (i.e., the hair follicles). A session takes about 5 to 10 minutes. There are no social activity restrictions for the patient after the procedure. We just recommend that they do not wash the hair for a day. The patient usually does not feel pain during the procedure.