Fat Injection

Fat injection is the injection of fat cells taken from one site to another with a needle. The site taken is usually the abdomen. The given fat cells continue to live in their new locations and act as a filler there. The success of the fat injection depends on the survival of the given cells. If the injected cells die, after a few weeks the effect of the entire filler will disappear. In short, the dead fat melts away. There are many different techniques and tools for injecting fat. Basically, the fats are taken with special liposuction injectors and transferred to another injector and injected into their new locations. In both phases, there is no need for cutting or stitching.

The success of this process depends entirely on the tools and technique used. Until a few years ago, melting of the injected fat was almost a rule. However, in recent years, with the advancement of technology, the probability of retaining the supplied oils has increased considerably. The fact that the cells taken do not come into contact with air, the dimensions of the injectors into which the oils are injected, the pressure applied are as important as the tools and techniques used.